ScaleUp Success: Tamera Lindsay of LUX LED Solutions

Some business moves are made out of passion for the work; some, out of necessity. Tamera Lindsay, Principal at LUX LED Solutions, is one example of an entrepreneur first inspired by need and continually driven by passion.

Lindsay started LUX four years ago, after a few other career ventures. She’d done marketing for Wendy’s for nine years, before their merger with Arby’s cost her her job.

“It was actually pretty eye opening,” she recalled, “I think that’s the point where I said ‘You know, I won’t let anyone have that much control over my life again.’”

She then started a company helping real estate agents create their own brand and identity. But, the recession was a hard time for many, and the business wasn’t sustainable in the time’s economy.Lux-Logo

From there she became a zumba instructor, and on a cold, wintry day — when her only student was her relative — she had a discussion that would ultimately lead her to LUX.

“We prayed and talked together, and about two weeks to the day I received a phone call, and she told me she’d learned of an opportunity that was good for both of us,” Lindsay said.

It was then that Lindsay dove into the LED lighting industry, getting the opportunity to learn about LED lighting from one of the biggest companies in the industry: Cooper Industries. Spending a week at their plant, Lindsay got to know the business inside and out.

A cheaper, safer and environmentally-friendly option, LED lighting is the way companies big and small are going. Since 2013, Lindsay and LUX LED has helped her clients get there, following them through each step: design specification, consulting, application and installation.

Tamera Lindsay
Tamera Lindsay

“We’re helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint and save the environment while saving millions of dollars a year,” she said.

Lindsay, her business partner Rob Boyd, and a staff of five get most of the work done, but they do some outsourcing as well. She’s looking to grow, though, as she looks toward the next step of her business: manufacturing.

In the next year, Lindsay would like to add a holistic manufacturing arm to LUX LED Solutions. To get there, she needs to partner with another company in the space — a larger company who has a wide knowledge base and brand awareness. It’s easy to assume that large companies would be opposed to helping a new competitor come on the scene, but Lindsay said “for the most part, they’re really good about sharing.”

Lindsay also needs to map out her new business plan to make room for this new manufacturing arm. She’s joined YMT Consultants’ Entrepreneur Exchange program, funded by SBA ScaleUp America, to help her do this.

Each class has shown her something new — how to adjust her finances, how to create a step-by-step process to reach a goal on a set timeline, and how to build the business while also building a positive company culture.

“It really is helpful in the way that they help you develop a plan,” Lindsay said. “They give you the opportunity and info needed to say ’Is this even viable?’ And then if it is, knowing the numbers, what staff I need, and how the business needs to develop to get there.”

The program taught her that it’s okay to delegate tasks, and that LUX would grow faster if she could forget micromanaging and focus on strategy and business development. It led Lindsay to begin outsourcing her work, allowing her more time to set up what she hopes will be a manufacturing facility that can provide LED lighting for the world.

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