Schiff Debt Recovery Group Bringing Proficiency and Professionalism to Collections

Jared Schiff often asks his clients, “Would you rather have a large piece of something, or the whole piece of nothing?”

When it comes to the debts he helps his clients collect as president of Schiff Debt Recovery Group, the answer is always something.

Schiff has been in collections for eight years, launching is own group in 2015. In just over a year, the company is rapidly expanding its share of the Columbus market with an approach to collection that involves listening, presenting options, always remaining professional and jumping on things fast – often within 24-hours. Schiff has collected a team that knows how to get the job done – they don’t get paid unless it’s a win for their client.


Below, Schiff tells us more about the world of debt recovery, when it’s time to call and the unique approach their group takes to the business.

[M] Tell me a little bit about your background and how you got in to debt recovery.

I’ve been collecting debt for eight years and managing for three years. I started off in the industry by calling “broken promises” which is when a debtor promises to pay and fails to do so. I would go down a list that collectors gave me everyday and let the debtors know their payment wasn’t received.

Jared Schiff

I succeeded at that part of the job and began collecting my own accounts. I felt I was good at collecting money because I listened to the problem and then gave the debtor an option to resolve this matter with the creditor. Being a collector is rewarding, not only because you get the debt paid off, but because you honestly help these debtors. It feels good to hear them breathe a sigh of relief and knowing you helped them is a feel-good moment.

[M] When did Schiff Debt Recovery Group launch?

Schiff Debt Recovery Group launched in early 2015 after I had started collecting debts for various businesses around town that had known I was in the business. I quickly saw that I had a passion for the business to business and consumer side of things, and was successful at it too. I decided to open another branch to the business and haven’t looked back.

It has been a rewarding first year with our company quickly earning market share. My team is amazing, and I have built and managed our team through the highs and lows. I’d do anything for my employees and that is the culture we have here at Schiff Debt Recovery Group. I also think that attributes to the success we’ve had at collecting our clients’ debts.

[M] What services does Schiff Debt Recovery Group Offer?

Our company offers a wide array of services. We handle full skip-tracing reports, background investigation on debtors, working out settlements and payment arrangements in the event that the debtor has no assets, but our specialty is getting the money. We understand how to collect on already obtained judgments. We can pinpoint assets and advise our client whether it makes sense to file one of our thought-out legal remedies, or to accept an arranged payment. Our focus is to recover your money as quickly as we can, while remaining professional.

[M] Who is your target customer? Explain some situations in which a business might enlist your services.

Our target customer is anyone who extends credit to other businesses whether it be for their services or goods. If Company A (our client) is owed money from Company B, we’ll go after Company B to get our client’s money. Another example is if Company A (again, our client) sells Company B goods, we will go after Company B to get the money owed or goods sold back to our client for a reduced fee.

When a debtor isn’t paying their debt or giving excuses every time you talk with them, they are giving you the “runaround.” The quicker the debtor hears from an experienced third-party agency in Schiff Debt Recovery Group, the quicker they understand that you aren’t accepting their excuses and are serious about getting your money.

[M] What makes your firm different from other debt recovery services?

We tailor our services to meet each one of our clients’ needs. We have different approaches we offer that have been successful in collecting debts. All of our collectors have successful experience in negotiating and talk-off’s, and are all trained how to work a file by myself personally.

Our company culture is professional and friendly. Our attitude is to help our clients. We understand that people and companies go through tough times, but we are here to uncover the unknown and collect the outstanding debt.

[M] What has your experience been like being a small business owner in Columbus?

Columbus is an amazing city. It is expanding rapidly, which means more opportunity for growth in business. With our well-known name and reputation in Columbus, businesses contact us often to utilize our services.

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