Schooley Caldwell Associates Celebrates 70 Years of Success

With 70 years of success and a bright future, full-service architecture, engineering, interior design and planning firm Schooley Caldwell will continue to contribute their iconic designs to the Columbus landscape.

Schooley Caldwell brings a unique blend of multi-disciplinary talent together in one place. Architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, interior designers and planners bring the special ability to handle multiple aspects and layers of a project. The multi-disciplinary approach gives them an advantage in the marketplace, and is one of the reasons the firm has remained successful for so long.

“We can take a comprehensive look at any project early in the process,” current President & Chief Executive Officer, Bob Loversidge says. Project coordination starts on day one instead of taking time to find collaboration partners.

Schooley Caldwell does both renovation work and new builds.

“Our success in renovation work has been overwhelming enough people forget we do new buildings as well,” Loversidge says. While they focus primarily on public and institutional work, the firm is expanding into more private work focusing on historic preservation.

“We’re lucky because we get to do really interesting projects,” Loversidge says.

Many of Schooley Caldwell’s current projects are in-state, but the firm has done both national and international work. National projects include the state capitals in Minnesota, Kansas and Utah. Locally the firm is behind the renovations of some of the most iconic buildings in the city including the Columbus Museum of Art, the Main Library , LeVeque Tower and the Statehouse. Not to be forgotten new projects include the Griggs Reservoir Boathouse, the north residential transformation on Ohio State’s campus, and a new office building being constructed behind city hall.


Whatever the project, Schooley Caldwell focuses on a quality, stylistic design that will endure. Loversidge says they tend to take a long view of projects that leads to designs that are state-of-the-art but not necessarily trendy.

The formula has proven successful as the company celebrates 70 years in business.

Founded in 1944 by Architect and Structural Engineer, Ray Sims, State Architect, John Schooley Sr. and Mechanical Engineer, Bert Cornelius, “We’ve always been a multi-disciplinary firm with architects and engineers from the very beginning,” Loversidge says. The post-depression boom allowed the company to quickly establish its presence in the market, a presence that has remained for seven decades.

Projects from past decades are some of the most well-known buildings in Columbus. They are designers of the instantly recognizable tower dormitories on Ohio State’s west campus, as well as Hitchcock Hall and Upper Arlington’s City Hall.

Several factors have contributed to the company’s continued success.

“We have a very strong commitment built around client services,” Loversidge says. Schooley Caldwell strives to make sure they help their clients in as many ways as possible.

Loversidge says the firm is also grateful for Central Ohio and their many clients that have allowed them to achieve this milestone.

“Many, many of our clients are repeat clients,” he says.

Loversidge is excited for the future of the firm as they build a team of emerging young professionals.

“We’re proud of our staff,” he says. Another success factor is the collaborative team environment the firm builds to encourage professionals to start their careers and continue to grown within the organization.

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