New Shops Bring Life to Downtown Pickerington

Two unique stores have found a home in downtown Pickerington. Husband-and-wife team Jason and Jennifer Diehl opened the Ritzy Rose and Vintage Diehls in August of 2013.

The shop is one-half Ritzy Rose and one-half Vintage Diehls. When the couple saw the storefront’s dual-door nature, they knew it was the perfect location for their vintage-inspired shops.

The Ritzy Rose started as an Etsy shop with Jennifer designing one-of-a-kind bouquets made from vintage brooches. The unique concept was making a bride’s bouquet, “More of a fashion accessory instead of a literal bouquet,” Jason says of his wife’s creations.

Within a few months, the concept exploded and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arose. Ritzy Rose designed country singer Miranda Lambert’s wedding bouquet.

“That took us from a five-year plan to a 10-month plan,” Jason says of the experience. In 2011, the couple made the decision to focus on the Ritzy Rose full-time.

While their bouquets sold all over the world, the business expanded to include other custom, vintage wedding accessories. The Ritzy Rose now features handcrafted jewelry and accessories like necklaces, boutonnieres, sashes and head pieces. Most pieces are custom-made by Jennifer at the Ritzy Rose store.

Meanwhile, looking for inspiration pieces for Ritzy Rose gave life to Vintage Diehls. Shopping trips for jewelry often yielded more than just the target, leaving the couple with a bevvy of unique vintage pieces. These  accessories, clothing, jewelry and other oddities were the start of Esty shop Vintage Diehls.

The couple runs the show for both, with Jason handling operations and the voice of Vintage Diehls, and Jennifer focusing on designing, marketing and the voice of Ritzy Rose. Even with a brick-and-mortar location, both stores still stock their Etsy shops.

Putting both shops in one location was a strategic move. Since Ritzy Rose focuses on custom pieces, off-the-rack vintage finds would make the overall concept more accessible.


The location may seem like an unexpected choice, but  the couple was confident brides would travel for the custom pieces. Also, Pickerington offers a younger market of teens that have been receptive to both stores. Ritzy Rose provides custom accessories for prom and homecoming, while Vintage Diehls offers fun finds without leaving the neighborhood.

“The reception we are getting from the young people of Pickerington is really exciting,” Jason says. While foot-traffic was slow at first, a social media hashtag campaign garnered attention before eventually exploding the concept.

As for Ritzy Rose reception, “The brides are doing exactly what we thought,” Jason says. The store sees brides from all over central Ohio and even out-of-staters travelling for the custom pieces.

The Diehl’s not only brought two new stores to the quaint, downtown, they also took an interest in bolstering the area. The couple created a website and social media accounts for Downtown Pickerington.

“We wanted to offer something that would entice someone from outside of Pickerington to venture down this way,” Jason says. He wants to bring attention to what the area does have to offer, focusing on breakfast and lunch spots , the unique variety of shops, as well as parks in the area. While Pickerington has grown, Jason notes that it has been with the same big-box stores found everywhere. Instead, the site focuses on a local angle.

“We’ve seen it pickup a lot,” Jason says. The Facebook page reached over 900 likes in its first month.

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