Short North Shops Want To Become a Décor Destination

A collaborative marketing effort to promote the Short North as a home décor destination is now underway.

The effort, dubbed “Home-On-High,” revolves around 14 retailers in the neighborhood and is being spearheaded by Tim Friar, owner of Grid Furnishings, which opened at 944 N. High St. in November.

“Our goal is to spread the word that we have a core of home furnishings stores in the Short North and build awareness about the ease of shopping here throughout the month, especially on Sundays,” he says.

Hence the reason Home-On-High’s soft rollout took place April 10.

“The soft rollout went well,” Friar says. “It was really a chance for the Home-On-High retailers that were not open on Sunday before to be able try Sundays and find the right hours for their store. This was also a chance to transition from the cold months to a little warmer weather.”

Home-On-High’s official kickoff is less than two weeks away.

“The most important tool we will have for the May 1 kickoff is the Home-On-High guide,” he says. “The Short North offers a unique mix of shops, but it sometimes can be a little overwhelming for customers who do not live in the Short North to explore on their own. The Home-On-High guide will help home décor shoppers know where the stores are, what the stores have to offer, when the stores are open, and where the nearby, free-on-Sunday parking is located.”

In addition, Home-On-High banners will be hanging outside most participating shops.

“For the shoppers who explore the entire Home-On-High list during the month of May, we will have a drawing at the end of the month,” Friar says. “Customers that have their Home-On High guide stamped by all of the stores can turn the guide in for the drawing. The drawing will include items and gift certificates from the Home-On-High stores. All customers need to do is ask any of the participating stores for a Home-On-High guide to get started.”

Down the road, the stores plan to do joint advertising and perhaps host open houses and Sunday brunches.

Diesha Condon, senior director of the Short North Business Association, notes that in addition to serving the growing downtown population, the Home-On-High retailers are centrally located for customers throughout Central Ohio.

“Their unique selection of distinctive offerings also makes them appealing to a broader audience,” she adds. “We envision that Home-On-High retailers have the potential to be a destination for home furnishings not only in Columbus but also the Midwest.”

Many of the Home-On-High participants are relative newcomers to the Short North, but a few −like LOOT, The Cookware Sorcerer, and Mary Catherine’s Antiques− have been in the area for 20-plus years.

Other participating retailers are Bloomsbury Loft, the Bohemian Market; Bungalow; Collier West; Funky + Functional; GrandView Mercantile; Old World New Home; Revive! Vintage to Modern; ReVue; T. David Collection; and The Lamp Shade.

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