Skreened developing technology to help artists, designers monetize their work

On-demand T-shirt and apparel manufacturer Skreened has developed a platform that will eventually make it easier for its customers to market the products they create.

Skreened’s director of marketing, Tanisha Robinson, was instrumental in bringing the Columbus company’s latest platform, Skreened Microsites, into existence.

Essentially, the microsites feature small, branded collections of products. Skreened President Daniel Fox envisions using them two ways.

“One way is that we have our marketing team curate [the microsites] based on trends,” he says. “The other, more exciting potential is to have our users, artists, and designers share their own work via the Skreened Microsite platform.”

Skreened launched its first microsite,, about a month ago. Recently, it piloted two more microsites, one with artist and arts community leader Adam Brouillette and one with illustrator and graphic designer Doug Fordyce.

“We have a handful now and are on track to launch several new sites per week,” Fox says. “Creating these sites is very easy to do.”

The pilot microsites have given Skreened’s team some great ideas for how to making them even better, he says, adding that the company is very interested in working with artists on a one-on-one basis to see how the new technology can help monetize their art.

“As we start building our portfolio of sites, our hope is to open it up to everyone later this year,” he says.

That includes the 15,000 people who have already set up a virtual shop for their designs via the Skreened website.

Additionally, Skreened has  20,000 shops and 250,000 unique designs customizable for printing on hundreds of products.

Skreened was launched in 2006 and as the company grew, Fox’s vision for it became clearer.

“It wasn’t just T-shirts, but a way to empower artists all around the world,” he says. “To that end, we’ve been working diligently building new technologies, like Skreened Microsites, that will make it easy for people to make beautiful and sellable things through Skreened.”

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Photos by Jon Burgess.