SmartBox Creative specializes in corporate spaces that won’t break the bank

Outfitting a lobby, conference room, or reception area can be costly, but that doesn’t mean those without deep pockets have to forfeit an aesthetically pleasing space.

In fact, Columbus-based SmartBox Creative specializes in producing dynamic corporate environments that won’t break the bank. To do that, the interior design firm offers three tiers of  services.

“We offer our clients a unique opportunity to present their image  in a creative and cost-efficient manner,” says Kristin Drake, creative director at SmartBox. “We have no limitation on the scale of projects we will design and implement. Having been a small business owner for 20 years, I know the challenges that face companies. We are here to help companies retrofit as you downsize spaces, grow into larger spaces, or update a worn out interior.”

smartbox-creativeSmartBox’s first tier of services includes a space evaluation and consultation with Drake, who generates a report detailing her findings and recommendations for the space. Business owners can then use her report to transform their space themselves.

The second tier of services includes the report, as well as  a unique design solution. Clients receive color renderings that offer suggestions for wall colors, flooring, furnishings, and artwork.

The third tier is the most comprehensive. In addition to a unique design solution, it includes full-service installation. SmartBox’s staff comes up with an installation timeline and takes care of setup and/or construction.

“In a struggling economy, it often seems that there is not a budget for in-house displays, exhibits, or lobby design,” Drake says. “However, you should ask yourself can you afford not to do it? The image your client base has of your company will determine whether they recommend you or return. We can give you options that fit your spatial needs, your branding and your budget.”

A division of Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio, SmartBox came about after repeated requests from Skyline clients for assistance with corporate interior design.

“For 10 years, Skyline had produced spectacular trade show exhibits,” Drake says. “During those 10 years, they were asked repeatedly if they could provide the same excellence in displays for permanent installation at clients’ headquarters.”

However, Skyline waited patiently for the right person to lead the new venture, and that’s where Drake comes in.

“Jeannette [Armbrust] shared her ideas for a company that could combine the benefits of an exhibit house with the education and experience of a seasoned interior designer,” Drake says. “I couldn’t resist.”

Drake has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Columbus College of Art & Design, a master of fine arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a master’s degree from the Glasgow School of Art.

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