SnagMobile Makes Ordering Mobile

A new app is here to ensure you don’t miss one play of the big game or lose your lounge chair at the pool. With SnagMobile patrons can order food directly from a venue’s menu with their smart phone and have it delivered to their location.

Banter with a friend during an hour-long wait for beers at an NHL hockey game gave SnagMobile Founder Dan Cody the idea for the app. Although this is his first venture in to business, Cody attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Upstate New York and has been surrounded by technology.

“We knew this was a good idea we could build on our own, so we made it happen,” Cody says of start of SnagMobile. Cody is embracing his new venture into entrepreneurship, working the long hours it takes to get a business started.

The app provides patrons an easy way to order food, drinks and other items, no matter where they may be on the venue’s grounds. Users go to on their smart phones and choose their location. The available menu will display and users place their order. They then provide their location information or where they would like to pick up their food and a text is sent when the order is ready. When they receive their food, patrons can pay where they are with cash or credit card.

Locally, Brookside Country Club is offering the convenience of SnagMobile to their members. Golfers can order food to be picked up on the course at the turn between the 9th and 10th hole. Delivery is also available at the pool area.

“Members have been very receptive,” says Julia Volina, Marketing Director at Brooskide. “We’ve gotten really positive feedback, especially at the pool. If people are there with their small children, they don’t have to disrupt them to go place an order.” Volina says concession workers have positive feedback about the app as well. As an added luxury, members can enter their club ID number that is automatically charged to their account.

Golf courses are just one place where Cody sees SnagMobile being an added value. The app is also in use at stadiums in New York. Usability is tailored client by client, but stadiums typically offer delivery directly to a patron’s seat. Casinos and hotels are also on the radar. The app could be used to bring drinks right to a gaming table, or as room service at a hotel.

SnagMobile is currently a free service and clients really only need and iPad to get started. The app is available on both the iPhone and Android. Cody sees a dynamic way to involve advertisers in the future. For example, a ball park might have a hot dog advertisement, and if users click on the ad, hot dogs will be added to their order and they will receive a discount.

SnagMobile is currently in talks with a number of professional sports stadiums with hopes to be in 20 locations by the end of the year.

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