Snapfluence Relaunches as Resource for the Content Creator Community

Snapfluence is pivoting from network to resource to empower the content creator and influencer community.

These artists and creatives are driving many businesses’ marketing efforts – a fact not lost on Snapfluence sister company, Seen. As a software service, Seen sits in the space between content creators and brands, acting as a matchmaker to connect the two. And if Seen is for the marketers, Snapfluence is for the content creators.

“We’ve never been able to offer [influencers and content creators] something or understand what their challenges were,” says Seen CEO Brian Zuercher. “We wanted to be able to provide that community with something of value.”

At its launch, Snapfluence was a way to gather influencers interested in engaging with Seen clients. In its new iteration, “We wanted to help create a voice for this content creator community,” Zuercher says.

When saying influencer or content creator, Seen and Snapfluence aren’t talking about celebrity endorsements – celebrities are famous for what they’ve done or do, not because of the content they create. Influencers are creatives, maybe professional artists or photographers, maybe not, but they are able to use the way they visually develop a lifestyle or hobby or curation of information to build an audience. It’s not just about the audience though, Zuercher says brands want to introduce their products or what they are doing through that person’s eyes to the brand’s audience.

Snapfluence is brining information important to content creators front and center through a curated list of articles on three topics: news, inspiration and resources.

News articles will keep influencers in the know on industry-related information, FTC guidelines for posting and more.

Articles under inspiration are meant to do just that – inspire with stories of how other content creators have gotten started, built their audience and what they are working on.

There hasn’t really been anyone that’s established a place to go for that kind of thing,” Zuercher says. 

Tools posts will introduce these creatives to the tools they need to help them succeed. Think resources around finances, managing workflow and legal knowledge.

Snapfluence aims to publish two to three pieces of knowledge a day, and “It’s not just us contributing to it, it’s people from the content creator community,” Zuercher adds. 

The resources Snapfluence provides are a way to give back to the content creator community Zuercher says. He’s learned a lot about building a community and it often requires giving before you take. He saw a lot of people harnessing the creative prowess of the content creator community, but not a lot of people giving back to it. Snapfluence is free to use and doesn’t require signing up for any network. It’s simply a resource to go and learn.

Zuercher expects that Snapfluence will help Seen find more content creators, but it’s not a top priority. He sees the site as a way to gain trust within the community, while encouraging creatives to pursue their passions.

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