Igloo Letterpress Expands Retail Store in Historic Worthington Space

Holiday shoppers will find a new gift-shop option in Old Worthington this season. Igloo Letterpress recently expanded their operations to create a unique retail experience in the historic Snow House. The space features an ample retail presence, as well as the book bindery and a creative production studio.

“We wanted to carry a lot of other items in our retail that we didn’t have room for,” says Igloo Letterpress team-member Elizabeth Dekker. The retail area has expanded over ten-fold with goods from over 20 Columbus-based artists and crafters. The team looks for pieces that will compliment the other Letterpress items they carry. For example, one local vendor, Partners in Charms, features book necklaces and jewelry pieces made from Letterpress goods.

Igloo Letterpress specifically looks for vendors that might not be in other stores around Columbus.

“It’s been really fun to develop those relationships,” Dekker says. The group attends different craft shows and events around town to look for vendor inspiration.

“We’ve gotten to know our customer very well over the last five years and know what they are looking for and like to see,” Dekker says.

The creative production studio adds a special element for customers as well. Since the new space is indeed a house, it has a kitchen that the crew plans to use along with its designated space for classes and events to provide a richer experience.

After five years, Igloo Letterpress had grown out of its building 39 W New England Ave. When the hunt for a new space began, concern arose that the Worthington shop would have to move out of the neighborhood. However, the answer was close-by. The Snow Hosue is located right next door to the original space at 41 W New England Ave.

The Snow House was built in 1817, making it the oldest building in Worthington. Igloo Letterpress works hard to respect the history and integrity of the building and enjoys sharing its story.

The original space is still fully operational, with both buildings combining to house the Igloo Letterpress brand.

Dekker says reception has been warm, with many happy to see the business stay in Worthington.

For more information, visit iglooletterpress.com.