Spacejunk Media acquires Los Angeles based studio

Columbus-based Spacejunk has acquired Los Angeles-based Nylon in an attempt to enhance both studios’ creative reach.

Spacejunk −a live action, motion design and animation studio founded by managing directors Robb Dierken and Mike Blosel in 2006− produces broadcast, digital/web, documentary, long format, event, and brand videos for agency and direct clients.

Spacejunk and Nylon −founded in 2005 by Joe Montalbano− were working together on various projects and it quickly became obvious they should join forces.

“We saw the increase of work in other markets and knew there was a threshold that would be crossed with the right coastal presence,” says Spacejunk Managing Director Kelly Sells. “Spacejunk’s business has grown quickly in both size and client base in the last three years. We knew a national presence was a necessary step to continue that growth. Nylon was a perfect choice.”

Spacejunk Columbus currently has 18 employees. As Nylon mainly relied on freelancers, Montalbano will be the only addition to the Spacejunk team.

Spacejunk’s client roster includes Victoria’s Secret, FOX, Nationwide, HP, and LensCrafters. The way Sells sees it, one thing is responsible for the company’s ability to partner with such powerhouse brands on a consistent basis: the end product.

“Our work speaks for itself, not only from a talent and capabilities standpoint, but also from a true understanding and respect for brand awareness,” she says. “Our own brand is of utmost importance to us. It’s what sets us apart. Our partners are looking for a fresh approach and a collaborative means of execution for their ideas. We thrive on those collaborations with our clients. It’s what brings them back for more.”

Spacejunk has never been shy about its Columbus roots and, in fact, Sells says its hometown has played a crucial role in its success.

“Columbus has been an incredible place to build this company,” she says. “There is such an amazing base of talent in this city, especially with resources like [Columbus College of Art & Design] close by. It’s really been an asset. We’re very proud to be based in Columbus, and a lot of our out-of-state clients have become fans as well.”

Spacejunk will continue to build its presence here in Ohio and the Midwest, with a heavy focus on the coasts.

“The sky’s the limit, really,” she says. “It’s a matter of finding the right fit and working hard to build those relationships. We’re open and able to do that anywhere.”

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