Sparkspace Closes After 20 Years

sparkspace has hosted its last meeting. After 20 years of offering businesses creative meeting spaces, sparkspace has closed its doors at 300 Marconi Blvd. #206 in the Arena District.

As a space designed specifically to bring folks together, the business was greatly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“As you can imagine, meeting spaces were hit hard by the effects of COVID,” said Founder Mark Henson in a statement about the closure. “We hung on at sparkspace as long as we could, but even with the vaccine finally on its way (and cheers for that, right?) the hospitality industry will take the majority of 2021 to recover — if all goes well. Unfortunately, that’s far longer than I can sustain.”

sparkspace offered its clients six different spaces to host meetings, as well as additional team building activities and workshops.

“I am proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Henson said. “I’m proud of the reputation we have earned. I’m proud of the spaces we’ve built. I’m proud of the service we’ve delivered.”

As for what’s next, Henson will likely turn his focus back to writing. He published his first book, Ordinary Superpowers, which aims to help individuals unleash the full potential of their natural talents, in April 2017.

“I know I will definitely continue helping people discover and activate their “Ordinary Superpowers” to create even more positive impact on the world — SO needed right now!” Henson said. “I also have an idea for another book based on the way we built this successful 20-year business using a mix of counter-culture ideas and common sense.”

Although it means the closure of his business, Henson notes he supports local leadership.

“I believe with all my heart they have tried to do the right things to protect all of us during this time, even though my business is an unfortunate casualty,” Henson said. “As I’ve been telling people, sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. I’ve been the windshield for 20 years. It was simply my turn to be the bug.”

Henson and his work can now be found at