Speranza Coffee Co. Rolling Out Coffee Cart

Restaurants aren’t the only ones benefiting from the rise in mobile businesses. Coffee is getting in on the action too, and a new coffee cart will soon be bring its caffeinated goodness to local events. Husband and wife duo Jared and Marissa Condon are launching Speranza Coffee Co.

Some sort of coffee enterprise has long been in the plans for the couple. Marissa was a barista throughout college, while Jared, a self-proclaimed coffee nerd, might have used a popcorn machine as makeshift coffee roaster. They got close to their dreams a few years ago, even meeting with a franchise coffee shop owner, before deciding that wasn’t the route for them.

As with many entrepreneurs, the time finally came to just go for it. This past fall they started working on a roasting facility, running into numerous issues along the way. They wanted to do a storefront, but given their schedules – Marissa is  a nurse, while Jared is in a band, Graceful Closure, that travels frequently – a cart just made more sense, so in November it was full cart ahead.

“We’re starting off with a coffee cart doing special events around town,” Jared says. Speranza isn’t picky about what events they frequent, but instead are going for, “Anywhere that people are going to enjoy coffee.” The goal is to have everything solidified and ready to roll by the end of the  month. 

The duo plans to introduce Speranza Coffee Co. to Columbus in tiers. First, the cart at special events, then graduating to more regular hours.

The cart will be stocked with various pour-overs from locally-roasted One Line Coffee and some classic sodas, as well as a signature cold brew. Speranza has teamed up with Red Velvet Cafe to use their facility for the packaging and prep of the cold brew.

The cold brew is also helping Speranza incorporate a social mission into their enterprise. While details are still being finalized, Jared says that much of the profits for the brew will go to nonprofit Wells of Life to help build water wells in countries in need. 

“Slow down, grab a cup of coffee and while you’re doing that, you can help somebody,” Jared says. 

The success of the cart will determine when the next steps roll out, but Jared hopes a storefront will be in the works in the next two to three years.

I definitely want to roast down the road,” he adds. 

While Speranza hasn’t decided on a location, Jared is interested in bringing good coffee to the suburbs. He says that while downtown has a lot of great coffee shops, he’d like to see some options further out.

Keep an eye on speranzacoffeeco.com for into on their launch.