Startup Grind Sharing Entrepreneurial Success Stories, Next Event Slated for May 23

A special edition of Startup Grind during Startup Week Columbus

For nearly two and a half years, Startup Grind has been bringing the success stories of local entrepreneurs to light for those that want to follow in their footsteps.

Ryan Frederick of software application firm AWH brought the event series that’s sponsored in part by Google for Entrepreneurs to Columbus after discovering and attending an event in Cincinnati.

The values of the event resonated with Frederick: 1) make friends, not contacts; 2) give, don’t take; and 3) help others before helping yourself.

I also saw a need in the market,” he says. 

Columbus joins 200 cities that span 85 countries across the globe that host Startup Grind events. Columbus Startup Grind takes place the second Monday of every month (generally) at Rev1 Ventures from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Ryan Frederick
Ryan Frederick

Entrepreneur founders and leaders that have or are building high-growth, scalable businesses sit down for a one-on-one fireside chat with Frederick.

We can get into the details of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and be a company founder,” he says. 

Frederick’s line of questioning goes past the obvious and delves into the psychological and emotional challenges of being an entrepreneur. How does the entrepreneur deal with fluidity, changing contexts and priorities? How do they tackle challenges? Spend their time? Build their culture? 

We try to have a conversation that is multi-faceted that talks about the personal journey as much as the corporate journey,” Frederick says.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a path for everyone – it takes a special kind of person that can roll with the punches, and Frederick tries to highlight that as it’s not often something that’s discussed. That’s why the event is a great fit for “Anyone that is thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap or has just taken the entrepreneurial leap,” he says. 

Examining the many entrepreneurs that have shared their stories during the event’s run is actually a larger testament to Columbus’ growing startup ecosystem.

Frederick sums it up over all as “things are just accelerating.” Entrepreneurs are going after bigger ideas, bigger problems and riskier ventures. 

Because of that it’s changed the ecosystem and the community because we now take more seriously the fact that a company can be built in Columbus that solves a global problem and we are capable of doing it here,” Frederick says. 

The handful of companies that have reached that status now will become dozens. Those minds at high-growth startups currently will also be the next generation to branch out with the next disruptive idea.

In addition, Frederick notes that the speakers don’t receive any compensation for being there, and everyone he’s asked has said yes.

The people that come come because they want to share their experiences and their insights,” he says. 

The next Startup Grind will take place one week from today on Monday, May 23 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Rev1 Ventures and features ORIS Intel CEO & Investor Pamela Springer as part of global Startup Grind’s female entrepreneur month.

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