Studio 595 Opens Creative Coworking Space in German Village

While the Columbus coworking scene continues to grow, newcomer Studio 595 is focused on the aspect that makes shared office space more than just a desk. Founder Erin Marucco aims to foster the collaborative environment that comes from her open floor plan space. 

Marucco went to CCAD then ventured New York to work in brand design before boomeranging back, using her time in the Big Apple to influence the feel of Studio 595.

“A lot of that experience in working in the agency environment and creative studio environment really drove my decision to start this space,” Marucco says. 

The last few places she worked in New York were open floor plans, and she saw the conversations and collaborative experience that naturally developed in such an environment.

When Marucco moved back to the city two  years ago, “The coworking scene in Columbus was much different than it is now,” she says. 

Marucco found different spaces had elements of the environment she was looking for, but just didn’t add up. She spent several months searching before discovering an available space above G Micahel’s at 595 S. Third St. in German Village.


“We are a creative coworking space,” Marucco says. 

Studio 595 means creative in more than just the traditional sense of the word. While creatives like writers, editors, designers, photographers, illustrators, architects and developers are a good fit, Marucco says it extends to anyone thinking creatively in their field.

“We’re looking to our members and to the community to help us define what studio 595 will become,” she says. 

Studio 595’s open floor plan accommodates 20 desk spaces, with breakout rooms for everything from brainstorming to photo shoots, as well as a larger flex space for meetings. For $450 a month coworkers get a personal desk with 24/7 access to the space, along with the traditional amenities like WiFi, copier use, kitchen space, coffee, access to meeting areas and the added bonus of exposure of all Studio 595’s programming.


“We’re focused on building the creative community through hosting original content as well as content from our members and the outside community,” Marucco says. 

Original content includes programs like yoga every Tuesday morning, or a gallery space that will feature a new artist every quarter. Marucco is also working on a series of classes on startups for the creative community. Outside content will have a professional focus, but she wants the majority to center around creative content and setting the stage for more innovative work in Columbus.

Marucco wants to harness that innovation and collaboration and extend it beyond the walls of Studio 595.

“We’re really focused on looking to outside markets not just locally, but globally as well,” she says. 

Marucco wants Studio 595 to connect with other cities and envision new ways of collaborating to expose the work the community does to an even wider audience. The space will live up to its moniker of coworking by using the power of everyone’s network and collective knowledge to grow each of their businesses.

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All photos by Jonathan Firsdon.