SunDown RunDown to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch business ideas

SunDown RunDown is an evening business pitch event that launches this month.

The purpose of SunDown RunDown  is to offer entrepreneurs a chance to present their ideas in an unfiltered manner and make a connection with someone who can help them in some way, whether that be a cash investment or help setting up a Twitter account.

“It can take an entrepreneur a significant amount of time to get a meeting with someone who could maybe help them,” says Paul Proffitt, one of SunDown RunDown’s organizers. “This will hopefully help them take some of the legwork out of that and have them be focused on doing what they want to do, which is get their business going.”

SunDown RunDown is open to all types of startups.

“We’re shooting for a community experience in which the entire business community can collaborate with each other,” Proffitt says.

An event runner will get SunDown RunDown started, keep it moving, and keep the presenters on schedule. The audience asks questions and gives feedback.

Presentations and question-and-answer sessions are limited to five minutes each. The plan is feature six to eight pitches at each event.

SunDown RunDown seems similar to an existing pitch event, WakeUp StartUp, but Proffitt insists there are quite a few differences.

One, there is no predetermined panel of experts to hear pitches.

“There is a lot of expertise in the audience and we want the audience to make the connection with the entrepreneur pitching,” he says.

Two, entrepreneurs get five minutes max to make their pitch (versus 1o minutes max at WakeUp StartUp.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the cash bar at SunDown RunDown, which will be held on the last Friday of every month at 6 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

The first SunDown RunDown is slated for May 31 at The Varsity Club, at 278 W. Lane Ave.

Pitch slots and seats in the audience were still available as of press time.

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