Tastefully Dirty products are plant-based, contain essential oils

Tiffany Rosinski launched a new business in Grandview this spring called Tastefully Dirty. Yeah, it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

Tastefully Dirty blends essential oils with plant-based shampoos, conditioners, and skin care and bath products.

“I saw a void in the marketplace of plant-based products at reasonable prices,” says Rosinski, who sources the company’s essential oils from around the world. Most are created from crops grown on small family farms that have been in existence for generations.

Tastefully Dirty’s products are free of sodium lauryl sulfate, which can strip moisture and oils from skin and hair, Rosinski says. Parabens and petroleums are also absent, as those ingredients are believed to cause hormone imbalances and potentially increase the risk of cancer.

Tastefully Dirty’s packaging is free of BPA and phthalates, eliminating the risk of toxic agents leaching into products, she says. Additionally, products are never tested on animals.

So what’s with that name?

“There have been some people who thought the name was risky, but there have been even more people that have been excited about the uniqueness of the name,” she says. “I love the name Tastefully Dirty and think that it’s perfect for so many reasons, the main reason being my products are meant to cleanse your spirit, as well as your hair and skin in a tasteful way. The name is memorable.”

To learn how Tastefully Dirty has grown, where Rosinski would like to sell her products before year’s end, and why she went into business for herself, keep reading.

The Metropreneur: When did you start working on Tastefully Dirty? 

Tiffany Rosinski: Tastefully Dirty was launched as an online site in March of 2011. The product line was limited and basic. The online selection has grown since the summer of 2011. I started visiting local salons in August of 2011 and presenting Tastefully Dirty plant-based Litsea Cubeba Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Salons recognize the benefits of shampoos without SLS and they love it. Every salon that I have visited and used the samples, loves the product and the results of using a shampoo and conditioner that is not loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

[M]: You’ve said you saw a void in the marketplace for plant-based products at reasonable prices. How much less expensive are your products compared to similar ones and how are you able to make your prices lower than the norm?

TR: I am able to offer my products at a reasonable price point, with the suggested retail price of $14.50 for an eight-ounce bottle of shampoo, the same for the conditioner. [The price] of course differs due to the essential oils that are blended with the shampoo and conditioner bases. The plant-based hair, skin, and bath products is a niche market that is often exploited. I want to take advantage of the niche and offer phenomenal products without exploiting the uniqueness of if.

[M]: Which essential oils do you blend with your products?

TR: The combinations of essential oils are vast. The current most popular essential oils that I use are lavender for our bubble baths, litsea cubeba for our shampoo and conditioner− it is a wonderful citrus scent. The skin care line has more combinations of essential oils blended with creams and serums, depending on the product. Some of my favorites are seabuckthorn oil and rose hip oil. They have amazing amounts of vitamin C, E, and carotenoids.

The bubble baths and hair care products help get you either ready for the day, or relaxed for an evening, through scent.  The skin care line has anti-aging and healing benefits. I view the creams and serums as a warrior that is absorbed through your skin.

I am also working on a Christmas package line that will blend peppermint essential oils with my plant-based SLS-free shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and moisturizing lotion.

[M]: You’ve said essential oils have numerous holistic benefits. What are they?

TR: The benefits of essential oils are too numerous to list. However, the most common holistic benefits that essential oils are used for today are stress relievers, digestive aids, and anti-depressants. There are also topical benefits, such as antiseptics, aid for under eye swelling and the relief of sunburn. There is a glossary at TastefullyDirty.com that has a brief list of benefits for every essential oil that is used in our products. Essential oils were the first form of medicine and have actually been used for thousands of years.

[M]: How many products do you offer at this time?

TR: Currently, we offer 32 amazing products at Tastefullydirty.com. We are launching the litsea cubeba shampoo and conditioner in salons and are looking forward to launching our skin care line to spas in the future.

[M]: Are there any salons in Central Ohio that carry your products?

TR: We are looking forward to being on the shelves of salons in Clintonville, Short North, and Old Towne East by mid-November. The response by the salons has been wonderful and I hope to expand to the suburban areas of Columbus by the end of the year.

[M]: Your grandfather opened a restaurant after he returned from Germany, where he fought during World War II, and it was still family-run while you were growing up. Did that example impact you in any way when you began to consider opening your own business?

TR: I grew up in a family-run business, I was helping wash dishes when I was a young child and by the time I was a teenager, I was filling in as a waitress and whatever other job needed filled. It was all I knew. We spent holidays as a family in the restaurant. It is an extremely demanding business, but it taught me so much. I always knew that I wanted to have my own business. I wanted to have something that I could be proud of and teach my own children the work ethic that I was brought up with, that you work hard for success, and the pride it gives you.

To learn more about Tastefully Dirty, visit TastefullyDirty.com.