The Grablet now sold in 16 countries

When Zac McKenzie’s friend bought the first generation iPad, it quickly became clear that functional portability was an issue. Yes, you can take the iPad everywhere, but when you get where you’re going, how do you handle it to positively influence your life?

That question doesn’t have just one answer. People use their iPads for different tasks and in different manners− whether at work, in the car, at home, or by grandparents, mothers, kids, executives, says Mckenzie.

“We all handle them differently and there needed to be an efficient bridge to all of these facets of life,” he continues. “Thus, The Grablet was born.”

grablet-logoThe development process −from napkin to prototype− took about six months.

Though The Grablet is being sold all over the world (in 16 countries, to be exact) its creators are still coming up with new accessories and products to further the functional space, including a version of The Grablet for the iPad mini.

“The iPad Mini Grablet is being built right now and is under testing,” Mckenzie says. “We plan to have production product in less than a month.”

As soon as the product is in stock, it will be available for sale through The Grablet website. The company’s resellers and partners will have product shortly thereafter.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in The Grablet for the iPad mini, so we’re excited to being so close to having it available,” Mckenzie says.

So far, the team behind The Grablet −which has manufacturing operations in Dayton and Shenzhen, China− hasn’t faced any large, scary challenges.

“It’s the 500 small decisions each day that affect all of us that are hard,” he says. “As a group of small business entrepreneurs, we are pulled in a million different directions each day, and it has been the ability to trust each other and focus that has kept us on task and moving in the right direction.”

As they’ve worked to get The Grablet off the ground, he says the New Albany tech incubator [email protected] has been instrumental to its growth, providing a great place to work, share ideas, and make connections with other like-minded people.

Besides the team’s families, Mckenzie says every individual or group who gave even one minute of their time, has played a part in The Grablet’s success.

“Their knowledge and insight into the business and retail world has helped to sculpt our present company,” he adds.

Currently, The Grablet is available on almost every big box retailer’s website, with plans to grow into brick and mortar this year.

The first retailer to give The Grablet shelf space was a local one− the Zagg Kiosk outside the Apple store at Polaris Fashion Place.

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