The Metropreneur Launches New Website

Welcome (back) to The Metropreneur! If you haven’t already noticed, our website has received a major overhaul to both design and function. The project has been in the works for quite some time, and was frankly long overdue. After launching more than five years ago in August 2010, The Metropreneur has amassed an archive of over 1,600 articles, profiles, advice columns and how-to guides that have been collectively accessed over 1 million times, helping local entrepreneurs navigate the realm of launching and growing small businesses in the Columbus community.

Needless to say, after five years of working within the parameters of a specific website template, things begin to grow stale and out of date. Which has been the driving force of our relaunch efforts. Below are a few of the new features that are most prominent with the new layout:

Responsive Design

With over half of web browsing traffic taking place on mobile devices in 2016, a responsive design is key for any online publication. Our responsive site design now responds to best fit the screen of any device you’re utilizing, from desktop to phone and everything in between.

Better Organization

Over the past five years, we’ve added new features, columns and series, which can cause some clutter if reorganization doesn’t occur from time to time. With our new format, we’ve sorted our articles into three main categories. Storytelling is where you’ll find information on local entrepreneurs, the products and services they create, and the places where they create them. Connecting is the spot for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to find resources to tap into and learn about what options exist for assistance. And Advising is the category where you’ll find specific in-depth advice from area experts across a wide variety of topics, from legal concerns to financial guidance to our popular series of how-to guides.

New Event Calendar

The Metropreneur now features a new events calendar, which includes a curated collection of small-business-centric events in the community. That includes networking opportunities, classes and workshops, panels and conferences, and much more. The Metropreneur calendar is powered by the system at, so submit your entrepreneurial events there, and get them listed easily on both sites.

New Local Resource Database

Our original Local Resource Database has always been of a static format, but moving forward, we’ve opened the doors for a more open-ended submission process that will allow the community to more easily share information about resource providers in the Columbus region that help startups to launch, grow, expand and thrive. We’re still in the process of soliciting and collecting information before enabling the new database results, so don’t forget to submit your business here.

And Even More — Coming Soon!

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to roll out new features and new articles, so we encourage readers to follow along via through social media and subscribe to our email newsletter for regular updates.

And stay tuned for more information about the return of ASPIRE, the annual autumn event hosted by The Metropreneur that celebrates and supports the efforts of local social enterprises.

So — from the entire staff of The Metropreneur — we’d like to thank for your support over the years, and we hope that you’ll enjoy checking out the new site!