The Oilerie Columbus Features Variety of Imported Olive Oils

Providing a unique alternative to that housewarming bottle of wine, or basic wedding present, The Oilerie Columbus at 1409 Grandview Ave. provides a range of 30 imported olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

“All the olive oils and vinegars come to us directly from Italy,” Owner Nathan Laslow says. The Oilerie carries six plain olive oils that vary in intensity and 12 flavored oils including lemon, orange, chili, garlic, truffle, vanilla, and herbal varieties like rosemary and dill.

The store also features eight balsamic vinegars, six fruit flavored, a plain white balsamic, and the store’s top seller, a 25-year balsamic. “The most popular item in the store is a 25-year balsamic vinegar that is thick, rich, sweet – it’s pretty spectacular,” Laslow says.


Rounding out their offerings are three nut oils – almond, walnut and hazelnut. In addition to their oils, The Oilerie carries items like stuffed olives, marinades, pastas and a health and beauty line of olive oil-based products.

Laslow says that coming to the store is an experience. The Oilerie educates customers on their products and where they come from. And, “Everything is available to taste,” he says.

If a customer decides to purchase, their bottle is filled right from one of the 30 stainless steel taps they tasted from. “There’s no mystery in bringing it home, you taste it and know exactly what you’re getting,” Laslow says.

The Oilerie also offers some private events for small groups. Events highlight the delectable eats that can be made with their line of products.

The store will celebrate its third anniversary in October. One of seven in the franchise, Laslow decided to open his own store after visiting the Hilton Head, SC location and loving it.

Grandview was on the short list of locations from the start. The comfortable, community feel was a big draw, and, “It’s been a very food-centric area as well,” Laslow says.

He’s been pleased with the reception to their oils and vinegars. “We carry something you can’t get anywhere else,” Laslow says.

Helping to highlight their unique offerings is Experience Columbus. The Oilerie joined not long after they opened and has been a member ever since.

“Experience Columbus has helped grow the business a good amount,” Laslow says. Not only does the organization help bring city visitors into the store, but The Oilerie also sees a number of Columbus residents that find the store while browsing Experience Columbus for something new and different to do.

In addition to visitors, being a part of Experience Columbus has put The Oilerie in touch with a number of decision makers in the city. “The network that they have is pretty nice and we’ve been able to use that to gain some gift options and find places that will help us out, too,” Laslow says. They have developed a number of corporate gift partnerships with connections made through Experience Columbus.

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