The Shipyard Creating Seamless Customer Acquisition Experience

Nurturing a prospect from interest to actual customer can take several steps. New local company, The Shipyard, is trying to make that process easier for businesses by specializing in all the steps necessary for digital customer acquisition.

“Our niche is whenever there is a considered sale to be made through a distributed workforce,” says Ilya Bodner, Partner & Chief Revenue Officer.

Restaurant franchises and insurance agents are just two examples of distributed sales forces. In such a set up, an individual is “re-selling” a larger company’s product. For example, an individual might contact a large insurance agency to become an agent for them. The individual would then operate as their own small business, but sell the large company’s plans. The big insurance agency isn’t selling directly to customers, the agent is. The Shipyard is after this niche of customer.

“We help bring local demand for the national brand,” Bodner says.

The Shipyard is centered around offering businesses comprehensive digital solutions to find customers. Many organizations may use one agency for one thing, and another for a different area of their customer development, but The Shipyard founders asked, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to offer an end-to-end customer acquisition machine?”

Within the digital space, Bodner describes The Shipyard as generating demand and nurturing that demand to then convert customers. As their builder’s guide summarizes – attract, encourage, convince. The Shipyard captures individuals that first show interest in a product or service online then use their comprehensive resources to provide a fully qualified prospect to their customer.

The everything in one place mentality also gave rise to the company’s name. A shipyard has so many different people practicing their individual specialties at one location, and the same goes for The Shipyard’s open office at the Smith Brother’s Warehouse.

the-shipyardThe end-to-end setup seems to be appealing to customers. attracting the attention of Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.

“It’s a really fresh and unique spin,” Bodner says.

Locally, The Shipyard works with giants such as Nationwide, Scotts and Sodexo. The number of clients is growing quickly as the business becomes further established.

The Shipyard formed at the beginning of October, but roots were in place long before that. The company comes from a merger of People To My Site and Fugent. Both businesses were heavily focused on financial services, when Engauge owner Rick Milenthal took an interest in both companies.  Milenthal came together with Ben Clarke of People To My Site, Fugent President, Dan Easley and Bodner to create The Shipyard leadership team that Bodner describes as phenomenal.

Expansion is on the Horizon for The Shipyard, as they not only are interested in bringing in other companies, but expanding their pool of local talent. Bodner says the company wants to help the local economy through job growth, while also earning a reputation as a great and innovative workplace.

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