The Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2017

In a 12-month span Aunt Flow has gone from Best New Startup of 2016 to Top Entrepreneur in 2017.

The social enterprise piloted by 20-year-old Claire Coder launched in late 2016 as a buy-one-give-one subscription service for tampons. The last year saw Coder expand her mission of “People helping people. Period” with services aimed at stocking business bathrooms with free tampons for customers and employees. The tampons got a makeover in 2017 as well, switching to non-applicator 100 percent organic cotton. As of the fall, Aunt Flow was on track to donate over 70,000 products to menssurators in need.

Other 2017 milestones for Coder and Aunt Flow included being selected as a finalist for the Emerging Social Enterprise of the Year Award at Aspire 2017 and moving into a shared warehouse with three other entrepreneurs on the west side.

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  1. Claire Coder – Aunt Flow
  2. Joe Deloss – Hot Chicken Takeover
  3. Matt Scantland – CoverMyMeds
  4. Jered Seibert – Warrior Wear
  5. Letha Pugh – Bake Me Happy / Curious 
  6. Bethia Woolf – Columbus Food Adventures 
  7. Dan Hanes & Abbie Stiers – Columbus Architectural Studio 
  8. Maren Roth – ROWE 
  9. Anne Holman – The Smithery 
  10. Mary Lyski – Double Comfort 

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