Tickets to 2013 Ohio Growth Summit on sale now

As director of the Ohio Small Business Development Center at Columbus State Community College, Michael Bowers works directly with hundreds of small business owners each year. He hears their stories and has developed a keen understanding of what they want and need to succeed in this economy.

Based on that knowledge, he has hand-picked 17 speakers to share insights and how-to advice on topics that are important to entrepreneurs, such as sales, digital media and brand development, at the 9th annual Ohio Growth Summit on June 6 at the Columbus State Center for Workforce Development, located at 315 Cleveland Ave.

The one-day event, which kicks off at 8 a.m., will feature two keynote presenters: Anthony Iannarino and Amber MacArthur.

“Anthony Iannarino is one of the strongest voices in the nation on how to drive sales within a business,” says Bowers. “Anthony’s approach to value based selling is exactly what small business owners need to learn to help them expand their sales efforts and generate more revenue.

“Amber MacArthur is an expert in using media in all forms to grow a business. She is featured in many media channels throughout the world. She is also a regular contributor to Fast Company and co-hosts “The Social Hour” on, where she covers what’s new in social media and why it matters to businesses.”

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The Metropreneur: What do you want attendees to take away from the summit?

Michael Bowers: I want small business owners to walk away from the Ohio Growth Summit with two things. First, they should have specific, actionable steps that they can use immediately to increase business and revenue. Second, I want them to know that they are important to the success of Ohio’s economy.

Too often small business owners get a lot of lip service about “being the backbone of the American economy,” but when it comes to actually helping them, there is little action. The Ohio Growth Summit changes that. The Ohio Growth Summit is designed to speak directly to the small business owner about how to create the business they want to create. The Ohio Growth Summit is the only event to really support the small business owner with no ulterior motivation beyond helping them win.

[M]: What do the summit’s featured speakers bring to the table, so to speak?

MB: The Mastermind Expert Panel will feature Heather Whaling, CEO of Geben Communication; Ryan Vesler, founder of Homage; Keith Speers, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Consulting Without Limits; and Amber MacArthur, CEO of Konnekt.

Jim Canterucci −2009 OGS keynote presenter− will lead a discussion highlighting experiences the panelists have had as they have grown their businesses. These experiences translate directly to the issues the business owners sitting in the audience are dealing with every day. It’s not theory, it’s real world.

[M]: What can attendees expect?

MB: To experience the single greatest business conference they will ever attend. They will spend eight hours learning, growing and meeting people that will help them grow their business to the level they have always dreamed it would be.

[M]: Who can benefit from attending the summit?

MB: Anyone that has a dream of sharing their passion and ideas with the world via small business ownership. Whether you are thing about going into business or have been in business for 20 years, you will benefit. All that is required is the passion of small business ownership.

[M]: How many people are you expecting to attend?

MB: We are expecting to exceed 200 attendees we reached in 2012. However, it’s not all about the number of attendees. It’s about the number of the “right” attendees. The people that come to the Ohio Growth Summit have a passion. A passion to spread their ideas to the world. A passion that pushes them to take a risk and put themselves out on the limb of small business ownership.

[M]: How has the summit evolved over the last nine years?

MB: The Ohio Growth Summit is becoming the rock star I envisioned when I introduced the first speaker in 2005. We have grown from setting Guy Kawasaki up on a temporary stage in the Columbus State gymnasium to bringing our first international keynote speaker, Amber MacArthur, to the small businesses of Ohio.

[M]: Is there anything else you think we should know?

MB: Comparable events in other areas of the county would cost over $5,000 attend. The Ohio Growth Summit is priced at $130 with a $30 discount available through May 28. Why?

The Summit is not about making money it about helping small business owners build thriving businesses. It is our commitment to not let price be a barrier to people taking advantage of one of the best small business events in the United States.

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