Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2019

Kenny Sipes - Photo by Walker Evans

2019 was a year of growth for Kenny Sipes and Roosevelt Coffee.

Since its launch in 2015, Sipes’ vision of a social enterprise coffee shop has become a Downtown staple of the caffeine scene. Last fall, Roosevelt expanded into roasting territory, launching Roosevelt Coffee Roasters which supplies its shops as well as wholesale accounts.

This calendar year has seen the addition of two new Roosevelt locations. The second Roosevelt Coffeehouse opened in the Gravity development in Franklinton in May of 2019. Continuing to support organizations tackling issues like clean water, hunger, and human trafficking, Sipes said, “If we can give $111,000 in four years in one shop, then hopefully we can give another $111,000 in another shop, and another $111,000, and it’ll hit half a million in 10 years.”

The coffee shop is on its way, recently adding its third location in New Albany inside the Thirty-One Gifts and Bob Evans Restaurants headquarters.

Yearly accolades for Sipes and his coffee shops included a spot as a finalist for The Metropreneur’s Social Enterprise of the Year Award, and a ranking on Columbus Underground’s Top 10 Coffee Shops of 2019.

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  1. Kenny Sipes – Roosevelt Coffee
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  3. Kevin Terry Smith – Olly Awake
  4. Harley Blakeman –
  5. Olivera Bratich – Wild Cat Gift & Party
  6. Kate Stevens – Red Giraffe Designs
  7. Fred Brothers – Fortuity
  8. Madison Mikhail Bush – Point App
  9. Brooke Yoakam – GiftPocket
  10. Elizabeth Dekker – The Right Hands

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