Top 10 Startups of 2019

Photo by Walker Evans

As the social enterprise movement continues to gain traction in Central Ohio, is using a simple solution to tackle a large societal problem.

The online jobs platform connects the formerly incarcerated with vetted employment opportunities across the country. works with a wide range of employers to help the nearly 700,000 people released from prison every year find gainful, second-chance employment.

It’s personal for Founder Harley Blakeman who served time in his late teens. After creating the very platform that could have helped him in late 2018, has continued to gain traction, adding employment opportunities across Ohio and the country.

In September, was also named the Emerging Social Enterprise of the Year at The Metropreneur’s Aspire 2019, recognizing the company’s passion to address a major social problem, its demonstrable progress in obtaining customers, and Blakeman’s persistence to overcome his own obstacles after incarceration.

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