Traxler Custom Printing Expanding to New Clintonville Facility

Traxler Custom Printing is expanding to a 9,100 square-foot facility at  3029 Silver Drive in Clintonville. The printing company will over double the square footage of their current Indianola Avenue facility, allowing increased production and capabilities, as well as the hiring of at least five new employees.

Founder Zachary Traxler is hoping to make the move within the next two months since they have greatly outgrown their current space.

“If we get a shipment of t-shirts off of a semi, we’re going to have to rent a trailer,” he says.

A more efficiently designed space will allow better workflow and the ability to utilize all of their equipment appropriately. The limited space is currently keeping the company from using one of its automatic printers.

“Immediately when we move and get that second auto running, we’re going to double our daily capacity,” Traxler says.

With the increased capacity, Traxler Custom Printing will also switch from a five- or six-day-a-week dual-shift schedule to day shift five days a week, opening the door for even more output.

“Our daily capacity almost has the ability to triple or even quadruple,” Traxler says.

Traxler Custom Printing will also utilize the new space to expand their list of capabilities. One of the five new positions will go towards bolstering their embroidery services, and they are adding vinyl printing and cutting for in-house production of banners and materials with adhesive backs.

Traxler plans to add another position immediately following the move with the other three in place by the end of the first quarter of 2015.

More space also means the potential for more clients. Since they have maxed out their current space, revenue projections for the year sit at a little over a million. Traxler hopes to bump that number to $2 million over the next year.

“The biggest focus for us on that new space is not only expanding what we currently have, but we’re trying to attract more clients,” Traxler says.

The company prints retail sold by small local companies like Surf Ohio and 8-Bit Apparel, and recently landed an out-of-state deal with that will double their revenue. These types of contracts make the bread and butter of their business. After the relocation, Traxler Custom Printing will be able to provide their clients with fulfillment services – a huge value add to small companies who have to do all their shipping themselves.

Several factors contributed to Traxler’s decision to stay in Clintonville. Its been home base since the start and the company didn’t want to abandon their loyal customer base.

“The emphasis on buying local in Clintonville is much greater than any other part of Columbus I’ve experienced,” Traxler says.

The location also puts them close to the interstate with easy routes to downtown, the airport and the convention center.

Traxler Custom Printing will host a four-year anniversary open house this Saturday, Sept. 13 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at their current facility at 4608 Indianola Ave. Top retail vendors will be there with pop-up shops and attendees will get to see hands-on demonstration of how Traxler tees are made.

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