Under Aurora Opening Franklinton Storefront

Tina De Broux, Owner of Under Aurora — Photo by Walker Evans.

A new store is opening its doors in Franklinton tomorrow. Located at 923 Sullivant Ave., Under Aurora carries its namesake line of plant-based fragrances and skin care products, as well as a host of other gems from crafty artisans.

Owner Tina De Broux uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients in her Under Aurora lotions, body spritzes and facial care products.

“My top-selling product is a coconut oil that’s a moisturizing, spray-on body oil,” she says. 

Customers will find familiar ingredients like coconut and other oils, essential oils in place of the blanket fragrances, aloe vera and various plant extracts in the apothecary’s products.


De Broux started tinkering with the products for her line in early 2014, a venture that was many years in the making.

I’ve been interested in natural skin care for a very long time,” she says. 

She took her first natural soap making class at Earth Elements in Grandview in 1994 when she was just 13 years old. De Broux would go on to work at the store for many years, calling upon all that she learned about natural skin care during her time there to develop her own line.

De Broux started selling Under Aurora online, at retail giant Whole Foods and at at various markets across the state, like the Moonlight Market and Columbus Flea. She utilized social media, particularly Instagram, to grow her following and researched like-minded stores and bloggers across the country to increase her customer base.

In just under two years, Under Aurora’s products have made their way to store shelves from coast to coast, from Yucca Valley, California, to Portland, to Chicago, and now, to their very own brick-and-mortar in Columbus.

“I had outgrown my space at home and I was looking for some place to have a production area and an office,” De Broux says. 

When she found the Sullivant Avenue space, De Broux realized the front room would be perfect for a storefront, adding that component to the operation.


She wasn’t necessarily planning to land in Franklinton, but is glad that she did.

“I see it changing everyday,” De Broux says of the neighborhood.

She’s excited by the push to revitalize the area, and by the people she sees taking an interest and starting businesses in the neighborhood.

Under Aurora will be open for business Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m., and by appointment only on the weekends so she can continue to frequent the markets.

The store will carry Under Aurora’s skin care products and a variety of other artisan goods.

“I’m carrying a lot of products of people that I’ve met through doing the markets,” De Broux says. 

Shoppers can expect a small selection of vintage clothing, books, ceramics, fiber art and a number of giftable finds.

For more information, visit underaurora.net.

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