VenueSeen helps businesses monitor their social identities

Thanks to a new product from Columbus-based FlyMuch Inc., businesses can more easily identify and interact with people sharing their story online.

Prior to the April launch of VenueSeen, monitoring location-specific updates from niche social networks was nearly impossible without a custom-built tool. Now, businesses using the web-based dashboard can access that content and, with one click, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

“We built VenueSeen to solve the problem businesses face of not knowing who is posting what from their physical location,” says Brian Zuercher, CEO of FlyMuch.

Brian Zuercher, CEO of FlyMuch

From coffee shops and restaurants to retail shops and attractions, photos and online chatter are forming businesses’ social identities, he says.

“Our service brings businesses the two things they are most passionate about to their attention: their customers and their product,” he adds. “Businesses benefit and will keep coming back because they understand that when you run a physical location, knowing what’s going on in and around it is good for business. And now all those details, good and bad, are being shared online. With VenueSeen, businesses are in the know and have the ability to connect with their most passionate customers and share in their excitement about the brand.”

VenueSeen users are notified by email when pertinent photos, comments, tips, or reviews are posted to Instagram, Foodspotting and Foursquare, allowing them to show appreciation, respond to suggestions, and gather feedback in a timely manner.

FlyMuch began developing VenueSeen after its eponymous product, a consumer travel website that offers social recommendations and photos to inspire travelers, began to attract business owners who wanted access to the photography and data being posted from their location. The company realized it was a more valuable customer and solution set, so it shifted gears.

Right now, VenueSeen is talking with users and listening to feedback to improve the product.

The base account, for one location, is $20 per month; an upgrade, for up to five locations, is $40 per month. Custom packages for corporate and agency accounts are also available.

A free 14-day trial is standard with all accounts.

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