Venueseen Rebrand Shortens Name and Introduces New Service

Photo-monitoring dashboard, Venueseen has refined their user experience during their first year and a half, including a name rebrand to Seen and new service Snapfluence.

Seen’s platform enables consumers and business to connect through the photos they share on Instagram and Twitter. Many services focus on utilizing these photos to better connect businesses with users who are already interested in their brand.

Seen has found a market for the revolutionary product, landing many national clients in their first year.

seen-logoWe recently asked Seen CEO Brian Zuercher about the rebrand and what new service Snapfluence means for users.

Q: How has Venueseen developed and grown in the last year, prompting the name change to Seen?

When we launched Venueseen last year, it was the first photo-monitoring dashboard. Our goal was to help brands identify and interact with the people shaping their business’s story online – one photo at a time. When brands asked us to take their interactions with fans beyond likes and comments, we responded with Venueseen Campaigns, the first all-in-one management and CRM tool for running Instagram campaigns. Fast forward one year later and we’ve helped brands of all sizes, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, David’s Bridal, Dodge Ram and Bath & Body Works, engage with and learn more about their customers and promote their brand through visual marketing.

We rebranded and changed our name to Seen to better reflect how our all-inclusive platform gives brands the tools they need for customer engagement through visual marketing. This includes Insights, Campaigns and Influencers. Seen Influencers is powered by Snapfluence, a newly launched influencer network that connects brands with targeted, popular Instagram users.

Q: How does the rebrand sharpen your brand image?

The name change — from Venueseen to Seen — reflects the progression of our company. While we began as a location-specific monitoring platform, we’re now working with major brands launching hashtag campaigns on Instagram and Twitter, providing them actionable insights about their customers and connecting them with influencers. We wanted the name of the company and new branding to accurately reflect our services and products.

Q: Tell us about your new service, Snapfluence. What does it mean for brands? For influencers?

Until now, Instagram influencers have been a largely untapped network. It’s hard enough to search Instagram, let alone identify the influencers who are genuinely excited about your brand and invite them to participate in a campaign. Snapfluence eliminates that problem, helping brands expand their campaign’s reach and generate better results by connecting them with a carefully curated group of people who already love their product or service.

The benefit is twofold. For brands, Snapfluence takes the guesswork out of identifying the right people to connect with, providing an efficient and effective way to activate an Instagram campaign. At the same time, influencers have the opportunity to connect with the brands they genuinely love — not to mention the potential for payment, free products and exposure!

Q: Seen has been operating for over a year now. How has your reception in the Columbus market grown over time?

Columbus is good to us from an infrastructure perspective. We have a great team that includes our employees, investors and local community. Columbus is easy to navigate and to find early customers. While we work mostly with national brands, Columbus is a great place to have an anchor for all the business necessities.

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