VenueSeen updates let users manage Instagram accounts

Updates to VenueSeen are making it easier for users to manage Instagram accounts directly from its dashboard.

Until last week, VenueSeen notified businesses when people shared location-specific photos, comments, tips, or reviews online via Instagram, Foodspotting and Foursquare, but didn’t allow them to interact.

“Since launching in April, we’ve listened to how our customers wanted to use VenueSeen,” says Brian Zuercher, CEO of Columbus-based FlyMuch Inc., which developed VenueSeen. “From multi-location, national franchises to single-store establishments, we heard that people needed the ability to manage and interact on Instagram from the main dashboard.

“Now, we’ve made it even easier for businesses, brands and their agencies to connect with their customers by simply syncing their location’s Instagram account with VenueSeen. Manage, like, comment and follow Instagram followers without ever leaving your dashboard.”

Additionally, businesses can know who their most passionate customers are with VenueSeen’s leaderboard. Whether it’s a single location business or a business with hundreds of locations, VenueSeen lets businesses see who has taken the most photos, reached the most people with their photos, or posted the most recent photos.

For businesses with multiple locations (or agencies managing multiple locations), they can now sort and see which location has the most reach (i.e. the number of followers each customer had when they took the photo).

Further, VenueSeen’s reach analytics pulls information to let businesses see the total number of photos posted to their location, the most recent photos and their growth in reach.

Now VenueSeen’s platform can also identify and pull out the most commonly used hashtags from photos tagged at a business’s location, which lets the business see how people are talking about it and what people are saying.

For businesses running contests using hashtags, VenueSeen’s tracking capability makes it easy for them to track the hashtag on photos that have been geo-tagged in their location.

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