VidaFit Offers Suite of Services to Help Clients Build Healthy Lifestyles

Whether you are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle or in the greatest shape of your life, making the time to eat right can be a huge challenge. Combining a healthy food delivery service and wellness programs, VidaFit is helping those looking to make a lasting change in their lifestyle do so conveniently and easily.

“Our mission, the reason why we’re founded, is to help people who want to make a significant and meaningful change in their life,” says CEO Shawn Ehmann. “It’s about helping people navigate around their personal challenges that they may have with body pain, allergies, or whatever it may be, or even chronic diseases, to achieve their goals and help them develop healthy habits that stick.”VidaFit2

VidaFit bundles exercise, lifestyle and nutrition with their two core offerings, the first of which is the newly launched True Food Delivery service.

“Nutrition is the single most important aspect of becoming and staying healthy,” Ehmann says. True Food Delivery is as clean as clean eating can get according to the Ehmann. Subscribers will find organic, made-from-scratch meals that utilize local goods whenever possible. There’s no added salt, zero sugar added, no gluten, no dairy and everything is fresh and never frozen

True Food Delivery offers a variety of package options ranging from one meal a day to five meals a day, five days a week, Monday through Friday. One meal a day runs $95 per week, while three is $262. The service has bi-weekly delivery on Monday and Wednesday to ensure subscribers are always getting the freshest food possible.

Even if someone eats a healthy diet, a busy life can get in the way.

“We needed something to help people master their nutrition, but also worked into busy life,” Ehmann says.

Anybody who utilizes VidaFit’s meal delivery service also gets a free consultation with a nutritionist which represents the second core area of VidaFit’s two-prong strategy.

“The Live Well Program was our first core program,” Ehmann says. Combining personal training, nutritional counseling, kitchen coaching, massage therapy and life coaching, it’s a pay for results program that comes to clients. A team of doctors aims to help clients change their habits once and for all.

An initial assessment gauges where clients are at with their health and wellness, and they then work with the team to determine what percentage of improvement they would like to see over the next six months. Clients can choose five, 10, 15 or 20 percent. This range in percentages also represents the range in VidaFit’s Market.

While their services are a fit for anybody with a chronic disease – cancer survivors, diabetics, etc. – many clients fall on opposite ends of the spectrum. Those that are obese or in a health danger zone, or those that want to go from good to great and achieve their potential. VidaFit also serves busy families and offers corporate wellness programs.

VidaFit has slowly grown since it’s launch in Columbus about two years ago and is up to around 100 clients.

“The client base is always revolving because they are becoming self-sufficient, which is our goal, so we’re always putting ourselves out of a job which is great, but that means we are always going to need to continue to help more people,” Ehmann says.

With a diverse range of offerings, the CEO says that one of their biggest challenges has been focusing the concept of the business. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, VidaFit is honing in on what kind of client they want to be excellent at helping while focusing their services on the right market.

“At the end of the day it’s to help people develop healthy habits so they get lasting results,” Ehmann says. “And all of the services are different tools to help them achieve that.”

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