New Website Connects Commercial Property Seekers, Tenants

A website going live next month is intended to help Columbus area businesses looking to occupy or unload commercial real estate. is being billed as the first and largest online marketplace where business owners can enter and exit leases via subleases and lease assignments.

“ is really about providing the most benefits to its members,” says its creator Alex Sukhodolsky, a software engineer.

“We’ve really worked hard to make the process of posting a listing and looking for listings as easy as possible,” he adds. “People are too busy to spend hours registering at a site. iLeaseSwap is fast, convenient, easy, and it works 24/7.”

In addition, the site will feature tips and advice on lease-related matters − from terms and conditions business owners should know to factors to consider when choosing a real estate agent or location.

Renters who need to move or close their businesses benefit, as the site gives them a forum for listing their space, and renters who find a property on the site can reduce their risk, as the amount of cash needed upfront to get into a property is reduced and lease terms tend to be shorter, Sukhodolsky says.

The site is being rolled out Nov. 9 and its services are free for six months to the first 100 registered users.

Once the site is up and running, Sukhodolsky says he and his team will “continue to improve and look for customer feedback to ensure each other’s success.”

The site was developed with feedback from several real estate professionals with knowledge of the local market, as well as technological and marketing expertise. One of them, Avi Abroms, senior leasing agent for a Midwestern retail property specialist, contends there is a growing need for a site like

“There are so many factors in the market today that have lead to this need,” he says. “For example, more people are starting their own businesses and looking for smaller, affordable spaces. At the same time, there are people out there wanting to leave a space and someone to take over.  It makes sense to have a site that is devoted to bringing these two populations together, benefitting everyone.”

To access the beta version of iLeaseSwap, visit