Weddings by Capstory Offers a Simple Way to Collect Photos of the Big Day

One wedding can produce numerous Facebook albums, Tweets and Instagram photos, making it almost impossible to capture all the happy memories  from the big day in one place. Two Juniors at Ohio State are coming to the rescue with a new way to help couples organize and keep all the photos guests take at their wedding.

Enter Weddings by Capstory. Dustin Studer and Suprasanna Mishra created the private social network where wedding guests can text in their pictures, videos and quotes from the day to personalized capsules that only attendees have access to.

“Capstory lets guests be a part of the wedding, and not just attend,” Suprasanna said. “You can collect all of the special memories that sometimes get lost.”

The two met as randomly-assigned freshman roommates. They soon discovered they had more in common besides being biochemistry pre-med majors; both had owned their own businesses in high school. Pursuing their passion for entrepreneurship, they joined the Business Builders Club at Ohio State. By the end of their freshman year, the framework for Capstory was in place.

Greek life at Ohio State provided a platform to test Capstory. During their sophomore year, over 2,000 students in fraternities and sororities were using the network to share, organize and distribute private content among members of their organizations. Junior year brought the jump to weddings.

“At weddings, everyone wants to collect everything, including the candid moments not always captured by a professional photographer,” Dustin said.


The two saw the need for an alternative to the current social networks and apps people typically used to share wedding memories. So many social networks left photos strewn across the internet, and not everyone had a smart phone to download special apps.

Weddings by Capstory is designed to be simple and stress-free to use for both the couple and their guests. The couple signs up for one of three available packages and their work is almost done. Capstory then provides cards and table tents customized to the wedding theme and colors to be passed out at the reception. The cards hold instructions for guests on how to contribute their pictures to the capstory.

During the reception, guests text in pictures, videos or quotes to a number specialized to each couple.

“Texting was the best universal way to make sure everyone could interact,” Dustin said.

There is nothing to download, no smart phone needed, and the couple doesn’t have to spend time registering guests before the big day.

“Someone who doesn’t know anything about technology can still use it.”

Everything is collected in the couple’s capsule and the cards included a private link where guests can view the day’s memories, creating a shared experience for everyone.

Packages also include bonuses like a custom-design printed photo book and a real-time, shareable video slideshow of pictures that are sent in. Knowing that all photos might not be suitable for grandma’s eyes, they built in real-time monitoring to make sure the slideshow stays appropriate.

The duo have weddings lined up in Columbus and Cincinnati in the coming months.

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