Welcome to the Launch of The Metropreneur!

Welcome to The Metropreneur, your online resource for all things related to small business development and entrepreneurialism in Central Ohio.

The concept for The Metropreneur was born nearly six months ago during a creative brainstorming session about the future and growth of ColumbusUnderground.com. We discussed some of the topics that we spend a bit of time talking about on CU and what those topics would look like if they were turned into “spin-off” sites with a more dedicated, full-time focus. The topic of small businesses and entrepreneurship quickly rose to the top, and after a few extra weeks of research, information gathering and community input, the concept was born!

Our mission at The Metropreneur is two-fold.

First, we will provide you with regular news and informational updates about the growing small business community in Central Ohio. That includes small business profiles, topical features, governance and policy updates, spotlights on women-owned and minority-owned businesses, how-to guides, and other types of interactive editorial features.

Second, we want to play a proactive role in economic development in Central Ohio. All of our content is planned through the lens of inspiration and education. We’ve also assembled a Local Resource Database that has launched with more than 100 local resources ranging from financial assistance providers and workshops to classes and marketing resources, and more.

Just like ColumbusUnderground.com, we want The Metropreneur to be a community-driven resource. Which means that our content should be dictated by you. If there are areas you’d like to see us focus on, businesses we should be featuring, or emerging trends that need coverage, contact us and let us know!

We’ve also added some robust community interaction features where locals can register for free and sign in to interact and network with your entrepreneurial peers.

So now that we’ve told you a bit about ourselves, let’s hear a little more about YOU! Leave a comment below with some information about your local business, who you are, and what you do. We want to get to know everyone a bit better and continue to support our existing small businesses and help new ones thrive.

Thanks for joining us on this new adventure!