Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

It’s no secret that companies are becoming more purpose-driven. Organizations are posting and sharing the good deeds that their teams are doing in the community every day. There are multiple benefits to incorporating social responsibility into your business model—and by doing so, you will see positive results in the community and among your employees. If you’re looking for ways to become more involved, these are a few organizations who could use some helping hands:

United Way of Central Ohio

United Way works to fight poverty in their local communities. They partner with multiple agencies in our region to learn about the needs of individuals affected by poverty. Businesses can advocate through public policy, donations and various volunteer efforts. Whether it is stocking shelves at the food pantry, wrapping gifts during the holiday season or donating books to help increase literacy rates, businesses can find a way to give back that works for their organization.


The YWCA works to eliminate racism and empower women. With various locations around the region, they hold events throughout the year to help educate the community about pressing issues like pay equity. The YWCA aims to provide food for thought through real-life stories and relevant examples. The YWCA also encourages businesses to give back through donating dollars, volunteering to help homeless families by arranging a meal or a toiletry donation, or even helping to plan events.

After-School All-Stars Ohio

After-School All-Stars aims to provide comprehensive after-school programming in an effort to keep children safe and help them succeed, in both school and life. This organization, founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, focuses on health and fitness as a key element in their programs. They work to empower students to live healthy, active lifestyles through connecting sports to leadership lessons, and offer a multitude of programs to teach students about the economy and financial wellness to inspire long-term career planning. If your organization is passionate about the youth, visit their website to learn more. You can donate dollars, organize an event to benefit ASAS or volunteer to help develop after-school programming.

By planting roots in your business or with coworkers that reflect your personal and professional values, there will be multiple opportunities for your organization to serve as an example of social responsibility. Not only will you be doing great work and making a difference in the community, but your employees will also recognize that their employer truly cares about where they do business. In turn, this will also create positive brand visibility for your organization. We all have something that we are passionate about, and I would encourage you to put your passions to work.

— The Columbus Chamber of Commerce offers news, information and other resources that are free and available to all businesses at columbus.org. —