Why You Should Create Video Content (And Some Ideas To Inspire)


Social this and social that. Everyone’s doing it, but who’s standing out from the crowd? Creativity in digital marketing is in high demand, and brands are racking their brains for how to achieve it. But the secret has always been out. So instead of blaming lack of dollars (small business, I’m looking at you) it’s time to get personal with your online outreach.

By far, the best way to grab the attention of your audience through social media is with video content. It doesn’t matter if you’re introducing yourself in a promo, sharing a screencast demonstration, showing behind-the-scenes footage or just talking to the camera. Opening your presence up to more media is going to give people an opportunity to feel a deeper connection with your brand, not to mention reach even more eyes than copy alone.

My platform of choice is obviously YouTube. (Sorry if I’m kind of a suck up to Google, but shouldn’t you be too?) It really doesn’t get much better than a video host and search engine monster all in one. But just like any social media platform, you need to have a good reason to be there so you can properly and reguarly execute. Joining a network just because people tell you to doesn’t cut it. Even if it’s Facebook. Why are you really there?

To get the wheels turning, here are some ideas about how you can take advantage of video and pick the right platform to host your brand’s digital marketing strategy:

  • • Show off the process for creating your product like Jeni’s Splended Ice Creams does on Twitter’s video network, Vine. All you need is six seconds of content each time. That’s it!


  • • Let your customers advocate for you like Grove City Dental has shown here. If they’re willing to say a few words to the camera, you have a personal testimonial you can share instantly to Facebook.
  • • Do a tutorial for your customers about your product like Rowe Boutique. It sells you the scarf and this video will show you how to tie it in the style you like.
  • • Give away a little bit of your product or service. The Athletic Club of Columbus is giving personal training tips with Facebook video.

These are four great local examples of effective video content, and there is still so much more you can do. The bottom line is presenting your business in a new way to help bring your message to a larger audience. If it’s true that 65 percent of the population is visual learners, you probably shouldn’t leave them out.