Wild Mind Entertainment Creates Platform for Independent Artists

Creating a space where artists can feature their work, Wild Mind Entertainment provides a subscription-based platform for independent shows, films, and by the end of the summer, music. CEO and Primary Catalyst Eliah Thomas, along with Chief Strategy and Technical Officer Dontae Brodie, launched the network in May of 2014.

The network for independents is garnering national attention for it’s ability to draw audiences while monetizing projects for creatives. Bolstering their network, Wild Mind is also a full-service production company. They want to provide affordable resources for artists to further develop their presence on the network.

The duo recently answered The Metropreneur’s questions highlighting their unique model to bring independent entertainment to fans.

[M]: Tell us about your backgrounds as they relate to Wild Mind Entertainment and how the business got started.

Well, we’ve always been independent thinkers, always moving outside of the box. I became interested in web development years ago because of its complexity, art and its ability to allow me to work for myself independently. I met Eliah, who is a consummate entrepreneur and catalyst for innovative small business startups, through another web design project I was working on and we just clicked! She began to tell me her vision for an online TV network for independent artists, including musicians, that she wanted to launch and I was instantly in. We began brainstorming the name and structure of the company. We wanted to find the perfect name that defined us as a company and the industry. Wild Mind Entertainment was born!

[M]: How does Wild Mind Entertainment work?

Wild Mind Entertainment works by allowing independent artists to showcase their work (shows, films, music and music videos, etc.) on our subscription-based online TV network which allows them to earn a residual-based income for every subscriber they bring to their channel. When a viewer signs up for a small, monthly fee of $3.99 and selects the show that brought them to the network, that artist gets a cut of the monthly subscription fee every month – which in turn helps aid the artist in creating more shows/films and the viewer gets to discover other works and enjoy the network as a whole. We also started being noticed by larger, more mainstream TV networks recently who have been interested in our “original” shows which we create and produce, and our overall model for independent artists.

[M]: What services do you offer?

Services you say? We are also a full-service production company, 10K Lumens Productions. We understand that a lot of independent artists don’t have the funds or the equipment to create quality content to make their shows. We give them that opportunity by producing and filming their shows to the highest quality possible with no or very nominal upfront charge. We do this so we can help the artist elevate their passion and presence on the network.

We are launching our music side to the network late summer which will give independent musicians and talent in all genres a home to not only share their music and videos, but to gain revenue as well.

[M]: What kinds of business do you typically work with?

We typically work with driven, independent artists who create online shows, short films, webseries, reality shows, documentary and films. Our doors are open to anyone who shares the same vision as us and wants to build something for themselves, their brand and their projects.

One unique fact is that all independent artists hold 100 percent creative rights to their work when joining our online TV network. We believe you can make money without selling your soul or giving away your creative property.

[M]: What has the reception been like?

The reception has been amazing! We launched in May 2014 and grow every day in content and subscribers. There aren’t many if any networks out there that are giving independent artists an opportunity like this. We simply want to help people rise up out of the darkness and show off their talents.

Forget YouTube. An artist may have tens of thousands of viewers, but how does that help them grow in their craft if there is no income? We think people are really starting to see what we are doing here and are embracing it. There is a lot of excitement and synergy going on around Wild Mind throughout the nation.

[M] What’s the biggest challenge you have faced in operating Wild Mind Entertainment?

The biggest challenge we have faced is getting viewers to understand that the independent shows they watch and love take time and money to produce. Without that, they cannot go on. That’s why they need your small financial support to continue, Invest in what you love, and that’s what Wild Mind was designed to do. If you really enjoy a show, why wouldn’t you spend $3.99 to support that project? That’s what you’d spend on one cup of coffee at Starbucks without being entertained for one whole month.

On a content provider (independent artist) side of things, most of these people work regular jobs like everyone else just to fund these shows that we watch for free most of the time and take for granted. Wild Mind Entertainment wants to bring revenue to these folks, allowing them to focus on what they love to do – making and producing shows [and] films.

For more information, visit wildmindentertainment.com.