At Work: Cement Marketing’s new space on Gay Street

It’s been just a little over a year since we spoke to Alaina Shearer and toured Cement Marketing’s space. Now, the company has found a new home on the second floor of 15 E. Gay St. and its staff couldn’t be happier. (To the right is a picture for the postcard project the company did to celebrate Columbus’s 200th birthday).

Pencil holders and client gifts made by Michael Maynard.

Once again, Shearer looked at lots of spaces all over downtown, Olde Towne East, Clintonville, and the Short North. Her team helped her choose between a space in Clintonville (with free parking) and the space on Gay Street (no free parking). They overwhelmingly wanted to be downtown.

“We love being on Gay Street,” says Shearer. “It’s the best place to have an office in Columbus. I never get tired of the food and happy hours. Clients like to come to us.”

It’s true. The Metropreneur’s office is on Gay Street and, I have to admit, I love the location as well. Shearer believes it is a pivotal time to be located on Gay. The street is experiencing a rebirth as more shops and restaurants open there.

Upon moving to Gay Street, Shearer joined the Gay Street Collaborative. Even though she does not have much free time, she felt it was an important group with which to be involved. There are some exciting things being planned to bring more vibrancy to Gay Street this summer, and she is happy to be a part of making them happen.

Cement Marketing’s office has the same old and new vibe its old space had. There is plenty of exposed brick, beautiful wood beams, and huge windows that offer fantastic views of the older buildings across the street.

Shearer’s mother, Valerie, helped design this space as well, taking it to the next level of sophistication. She found several pieces at Grandview Mercantile and on Craigslist. New white desks from IKEA fit right in with the old desks.

Guest chairs found at Grandview Mercantile.

In this space, the desks are configured so the team can easily work together. No one has an assigned workspace. Instead, everyone sits wherever they like each day, giving them a new perspective.

One of the collaborative spaces in the office.

For this space, Shearer bought a ping pong table, offering the staff a fun way to take a break and engage with their teammates.

The table made from granite found at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore has a new home in the conference room.

Inviting reception area.

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