Zest Juice Co. Opening Near Grandview This Fall

Offering fresh, healthy, cold-pressed juice, Zest Juice Co. will open its doors at 980 W. Fifth Ave. near Grandview in late fall. Natalie Rusch and Jordan Helman are the couple behind the store that will offer a variety of juices and other healthy drinks.

“We have seven juices and you can drink them individually or you can do a cleanse,” Rusch says. Zest’s juices range from more veggie-based, like The Elementary with celery, cucumber, pear, apple, kale, lemon and ginger, to the fruity, like The Vitamin CBus with grapefruit, orange and lemon juice.

“We are going to use local produce as often as we can,” Rusch adds.

Zest Juice has installed a powerful juicer that doesn’t generate heat, so none of the nutrients or enzymes in their juice are destroyed in the pressing process, producing the healthiest product possible.

Zest Juice has created two custom cleanses with their juices, one high-sugar and the other low-sugar.

“The higher sugar one will have more of your sweeter juices,” Rusch says. This cleanse is a good fit for those newer to juicing who want to start out slow. The lower-sugar is more green juices.

Zest’s juices are meant to be a meal replacement or a grab-and-go option, but the duo are partnering with other local companies in order to offer fresh, healthy food options such as small salads and bars.

In addition to juice, Zest’s menu will feature cashew milk, four tonics, including wheatgrass and turmeric ginger, as well as three smoothies with flavors like cacao banana and berry banana.

Rusch and Helman came up with the recipes themselves. The duo has been tasting and testing juices for over a year before narrowing down the final menu. They have some additional combos in mind, but “We want to start with a strong menu, but one that we wouldn’t be overwhelming ourselves with so we can build quality,” Helman says.

The duo are calling Grandview an ideal location for Zest Juice.

“It’s really the exact market that we wanted to target,” Helman says. They chose the area for its population of young professionals and those living healthy, active lifestyles. “It seemed like a place that would really embrace what we’re doing,” he says.

The idea that others would be interested in juicing is really what drove the duo to open the store.

Roush had started juicing as a jumpstart to living a healthier lifestyle. She was ordering juices from New York and California where the trend is already popular, before eventually purchasing her own juicer.

zest juice 2

Instead of continuing to order cross-country, “I realize people in Columbus would probably want juice just as much as I do,” she says. After researching options like franchising, “Jordan convinced me we should really just start our own business.”

The two are passionate about about working for themselves in a business that supports their healthy lifestyles, but are excited to share the benefits of juicing with others.

The duo is aggressively working towards their target open date. The timeline they have constructed for themselves is one of the biggest challenges they are facing. Having never worked in a food-based business, they are learning the nuts and bolts behind the operation, as well as the finer points of permitting and construction.

Much of that learning has come from fellow business owners who have been nothing but willing to help the duo.

“We were both pretty taken aback by how other local businesses were willing to help us,” Helman says.

For more information, visit zestjuiceco.com.